Introduction to Automation

Automaton is the computerized procedures; Activities & Routines are to be performed by computing machines to accomplish specified task/business to obtain required objectives. Automation enhances office working efficiency by performing Computer based procedures of work. It provides quick accurate & transparent result of work.

Establishment of Automation

RS & EP wing, in Board of Revenue Sindh is responsible for Revenue collection for the provincial Government through Stamp duty collection and Registration fees. The Automation is advancement of working procedures in RS&EP wing which has been established to adopt, computerized working procedures for Registration of all kind of property transaction & Stamp sale to make better and transparent Revenue generation in RS&EP wing, Board of Revenue, Sindh.

General Scope/Benefits of the Automation

  1. Automate Stamp Revenue collection, Distribution of Stamps and Demand Generation processes for improved inventory management and cost control.
  2. Stamps availability and consumption across all Treasury / Sub-treasury offices in Sindh.
  3. Preparation of optimum indents to reduce stamp printing costs.
  4. Stamp duties are levied on different documents generating revenues under the head of transfer of property, mortgage of property, new registration of property, lease of property etc.
  5. Preparation of optimum indents to reduce stamp printing costs.
  6. Automation of District Account/ Treasury Offices/ Sub-treasury offices.
  7. Extension of corporate records data base and inspector performance system to increase the control over Revenue from corporate sector.
  8. Record all legal documents placed for registration at the Sub- Registrar offices on behalf of the document owner.
  9. Registration information for all cases available centrally at Karachi and Hyderabad SRO Offices.
  10. To prevent Forgery in original registered document (due to digital scanning).
  11. To provide Record Security.
  12. Online report generation of each record.
  13. Online working status of each office.
  14. Transparent & accurate Revenue collection. 
    a. CVT revenue collection at each office. 
    b. Registration fee collection at each SRO. 
    c. Daily stamp sale & availability. 
  15. Produce full management reports, extracting statistical data to assess and daily registration.
  16. Provide updated revenue data for the preparation of annual budget of the department.

Benefits to General Public

1. Easy to locate property document status.
2. Quick Searching of missing old record /document of party.
3. To provide authorized single page full detail of CRD document. 
4. To restrict duplicate registration by keeping record in central database uniquely.
5. Unique identification of each property document in central Database by generation computerized number on original Document


Present Status of Automation

ONLINE System of Automation Application have been developed & Launched at following offices


Stamp Offices
City Court Stamp office-Karachi ONLINE

Sub-Registrar Offices

a. Clifton I & II ONLINE 
b. Ghulshan I & ONLINE 
c. Shah Faisal town-Karachi ONLINE

Camp Offices

BOR (Digital Scanning at MFU) -Karachi


a. Stamp Offices
b. District Accounts Office-Hyderabad ONLINE

Sub-Registrar Offices

b. SRO Qasimabad ONLINE
c. SRO Latifabad ONLINE

Secretariat Main Offices

BOR (Member RS&EP, MFU Digital Scanning, Inspection) Hyderabad ONLINE

Senior Technical staff of Automation:

Deputy Director/Manager (Automation)
Assistant Director/DBA (Automation)
Assistant Director/Programmer (Automation)
Assistant Director (Finance)

Progress of Project

  • To facilitate in keeping track of revenues being generated through Registration, Stamps & CVT on daily basis, a system of keeping track of registrations carried out in 21 Sub-Registrar Offices on daily basis has been maintained electronically and data so generated is stored at central database at Sindh Revenue Board.
  • The task of execution of the project has recently been entrusted to R&S Wing and it has been revamped in compliance of directives of Honourabele Supreme Court of Pakistan in Cr. Org. Petition No. 15-K dated: 13-08-2014 which has been approved by the PDWP forum on 26-12-2014.
  • A scanning & indexing unit is being established at Camp Office of Board of Revenue, Karachi to replace the microfilming technology with the modern scanning and indexing utility with centralized connectivity and storage for preservation of registered deeds and documents, which will start functioning by June 30th 2015.