GIS based survey of NA-Class land of Karachi

In compliance of the orders of the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan passed in Suo Moto Case No. 16/2011 dated: 25-10-2012, the process of survey of Na-Class Government land in Karachi consisting of 93 Dehs with an estimated area of 6,41,000 acres was undertaken by R&S Wing of Board of Revenue Sindh with the latest GIS technology to ensure centimeter of accuracy in demarcation of Deh boundary, existing survey number and layout on 16 acres blocks on un-surveyed Government land.

Land-use change analysis of Karachi

    • Example of institutional encroachment
    • Example of private encroachment
    • Analysis under the instructions of Honourable Supreme Court

The Honorable Supreme Court in the above case vide order dated: 22-03-2013 at para 22, page 19, has further directed to prepare GIS based high resolution satellite imagery of Karachi Division to determine the state land owned by authorized & unauthorized owners/ allottees/ leaseholders to identify encroachment on the state land.

In this regard, high resolution (0.5 meter) satellite imageries of 93 dehs of Karachi were acquired by the GIS Section of BOR and after completion of GIS based mapping of 72 out of 93 dehs of District West & Malir Karachi the legitimacy report on 16 acres blocks (Na-Class) in comparison with the Revenue Record and Maps as per record of rights and maps was sought. As a result of above exercise, the following types of encroachments on state land have been identified:

  • Private
  • Institutional
  • Amenity & Park Sites—A list of 164 cases were referred to GIS Section of PMU by the Honorable Supreme Court in CP No. 09 of 2010

PMU is entrusted to perform management and supervisory role and develop GIS based infrastructure in the form of e-Governance model facilitating the stakeholders/organizations and general public. Therefore a spatial link is created between GIS based mapping of each survey number and there land ownership record to facilitate the common user.

Report Submitted to Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan regarding Encroachment in Karachi